Sorry there hasn’t been many posts recently.  With bad weather playing a part in one of the Friday nights running and one or two maintenance nights their hasn’t be much to post.

Just a reminder that it is Hardwicke this coming weekend Sunday 25th March.   We will be there with our Test Track.


Berkeley Junction

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th we got Berkeley Junction up.   The man aim was to get any issues we had before rectified.   Amazingly we found that one issues was a little piece of solder loose in the yard panel.   Once a couple of wires where re soldered and 2 night of wire checking by various members which we couldn’t have done it without we are all sorted.    So playing trains could commence.  Fingers crossed one day we will be able to fill the both yards but as this takes about 4 hours to do it won’t be anytime soon.

Maintenance Night

Friday 20th was a bit of a change from the norm. No running just work. I think i can talk for all the members that came and say it was a very enjoyable night. Also one that could be pivotal in get Berkeley Junction working correctly again. We are holding our fingers till we put it up on the next maintenance night but the signs are good. Work was also done on the test track. We have added some strenghners for the edges that one of the members kindly cut.