Friday Night 27th

We had a very busy night on the 27th.  Lots of nice and different things.
We had a West Country, Standard 5mt, 45xx, Flying Scotsman, Dean Goods, LSWR T3, Patriot, Steam Railmotor and a 51xx.   We also had two very pretty Lee Marsh 517’s.


Friday Night 6th

Here are some photos from our open running session on the 6th.   Nice slesction even though it was a quite night.   We had a Terrier, West Country, 57xx, 14xx, 9F, Class 37 and more.   The highlight of the night was seeing the sample of the Heljan Class 25/3 and Class 50.   Both look great even though they aren’t the last samples.   Can’t wait for them to arrive.