Info About Ashwood Basin

The Prototype

Ashwood Basin was on the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal and was the western terminus of the Earl of Dudley Railway system, dating back to its opening in 1829.Today virtually all signs of the railway have disappeared and it is now a marina for pleasure craft.

From Ashwood basin the line ran to Shut End, and the collieries at Corbyns Hall near Lenches Bridge. The railways main purpose was to convey coal to the canal and this continued until the NCB stopped sending Baggeridge coal to Stourport Power Station via the canal in October 1953

 The Model

The model built by Mike Bragg follows the principals of Micro-layout construction promoted by Carl Arendt as an attempt to create the essence and atmosphere of the area rather than an exact copy of the prototype in a minimum space. The track plan is really no more than a run round with two extended head shunts to create the sidings, one extends over the canal on a wooden trestle whilst the other runs alongside the canal. Buildings are all scratch built, the garage comes from Level Street, Brierley Hill, the “Villas” from Duke Street Stourbridge, the pub from Enville, the factory were barns from Stalling Lane, Kingswinford and the station from the Bumble Hole line at Windmill End.


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