About Goldenvalleymrc

We are a small Group of O Gauge modellers that started up after our other group couldn't agree on building a Test Track.

Friday Night 2nd

Friday Night 2nd was a very busy one.   Lots of people and interesting locos.   Something that I forgot to get a photo of was a A1 with teak coaches.   We had a nice mix with a Class 47, 2 X 08’S, Britannia, Railbus.  Amazingly after not seeing a Aberdare for a while we have had too in 2 weeks.  I also have included some locos that I have on test. A Bachmann Crab that is having issues with the contact of the pickups. A 56xx that hasn’t been run for a while and needed checking before chipping and a Standard 4 4-6-0 that was having issues with shorting and the front pony.   I have changed the spring on the front pony but it still seems to short.  Another day on the bench for that!
The german wagon is another R-T-R Weathering project for Neil.

Fiddle Yard Update 2

Wellington know has a almost Finished Fiddle Yard.
Just stoppers to be installed to stop locos fall off when they are being turned.
It took some work but it works and we will see how it goes at Newport.
New Fiddle Yard

Other work that has been done is taking the fence out.  If we didn’t their was going to be a bit of a clearance issue with the locos and stock.
It will get reinstated for the show just a couple of mill back to give us that extra space for locos with cylinders and big over hangs.

Fence Removal