Fiddle Yard Update 1

Wellington now has a new board.
We have added a new fiddle yard at the street end which has been quite interesting project.
First having to make a angle board for the fiddle yard to join 2, but also which type of fiddle yard to use.
This is the view from the pub.
Wellington -1
This photo shows wellington after the end backscene has been removed.
Wellington -2
The new angle board fitted.
Wellington -3
I will try a post some more photos this week.
Fingers crossed we will be able to get the track sorted and it all wired and tested.


Wellington Street

As some people that follow Rmweb may know, Mike Bragg’s Wellington Street was offered for sale about 8 weeks ago.   Since then it has attended a couple of shows with Mike, until his last show at Hardwicke, where the layout was passed on to its new owner.

As you can probably guess we have purchased the layout from Mike!

For the time being the layout will stay the same, but a small fiddle yard will be added to make a more interesting running configuration. Also we have the idea to move the layout up to a more suitable height as it was built to run sitting down, and we intend to convert it to DCC so sound can be used.
As with the agreement with Mike to keep promises he made, we will be attending the Newport O Gauge show on April 22nd and Hucclecote Show on June 23rd.  Both show leaflets are below for your information.
For progress follow Wellington’s blog or the Projects page.
Wellington StreetNewportHucclecote