Maintenance Night

Friday 20th was a bit of a change from the norm. No running just work. I think i can talk for all the members that came and say it was a very enjoyable night. Also one that could be pivotal in get Berkeley Junction working correctly again. We are holding our fingers till we put it up on the next maintenance night but the signs are good. Work was also done on the test track. We have added some strenghners for the edges that one of the members kindly cut.


Friday Night 13th

Friday night was another interesting one.  We had a nice selection of locos which as normal I forgot to get photos of a couple.   One to note is the new Heljan Class 128 Parcels which I wasn’t sure about when they announced it but after having one close up to look at it will change your mind.

Antics Event

No photos of locos this week as Friday night was Maintenance night.   We have had new side pieces for the Test Track for a couple of months now and with the fact the Test Track is going to Bristol we thought last Friday was the best time to get them on.  The new sides give it a whole new look.

We are also holding and event at the antics warehouse this weekend.Test Track